Super-Capitalism, a Paleo-Marxist plague

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2 min readJan 2, 2021


In the recent days, a new idea has arisen within the ranks of Paleo-Marxists, that at first might sound a lot like upwards stream Neoteric-Marxism, but is in fact a liberal plague, destroying the potential of the great Neoteric movement.

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Super-Capitalism is defined as follows:

the maximum amount of capitalist, where every single person is a boss because they collectively own the means of production with other workers!
- Thorisy, Paleo-Marxist pseudo-intellectual

At first, this might sound a lot like Neoteric-Marxism, but do not be fooled, this is simply Paleo-Marxism, rebranded, in order to sound like it is gentrifying reality upwards, turning the proletariat into the bourgeoise, but in fact is just socialism with extra steps, trying to turn the bourgeoise into the proletariat.

Upwards stream Neoteric-Marxism seeks to uplift the proletariat into the bourgeoisie, by giving everyone access to their own means of production, to learn more about that, go read the Neoteric-Marxist Manifesto.

Money, a common symbol of Capitalism

But that is not what “Super-Capitalism” aims to do, no, Super-Capitalism seeks to recreate the mechanisms of socialism, by not uplifting but empowering the proletariat, establishing outdated ideals such as “workplace democracy”

So Neoteric Marxists, do not get too much excited over Paleo-Marxists adopting this new line of thought, as it is nothing more than a liberal mindtrap to neutralize the ideals of Neoteric-Marxism and create once again a “Socialist” society, which has been proven to fail time and time again.

People trying to rebrand their Paleo-Marxism into “Super-Capitalism” are simply in denial of the death of their ideas, they cannot accept that Neoteric-Marxism is the way to go, and instead decided to subvert Neoteric aesthetic, as to not have to ideologically innovate, but instead stick to their old liberal ways.



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